Lexi fucks her daughter’s boyfriend

Logan is home playing video games when Lexi Sapphire shows up at his door wearing a sexy outfit. It’s slit down the side so her legs are exposed from her hips to her toes, and you can tell that she has big tits and a hot body. He’s impressed, as he should be. What’s this hot MILF doing at his door? He’s about to find out.

“Recognize me?” Lexi says.
“No. Who are you?” he says.
“You don’t see the resemblance?” she asks. She looks boiling mad, and we’re about to find out why. “You know Tiffany whom you’ve been fucking? I happen to be her mother.”
“Oh, shit,” he says.
Yeah, oh, shit.
Lexi pushes her way inside.

“Now listen and listen good. I don’t want you messing with her no more. That’s my little girl.”
And what does he have to say to that?
“You’re not even wearing any panties.”